The Purpose of Life : Our Real Identity, Our Real Motivation.

Nothing is mine. Everything is for welfare of all.
All my actions should be for welfare of all.
I shall not discriminate on basis of birth or religion.
I shall strive for utmost honesty and compassion for all.
I shall follow my conscience.
I shall not believe in superstitions.
I shall nurture my intellect.
May I never think of committing a sin.
May I never think of torturing anyone.
May all humans be blessed. May I love all.
May I be selfless.
May I not hate even those who disagree with me.
May I not think that disbelievers will go to hell.
May I never discriminate between believers and non-believers.
May my actions be for well-being of all living beings.
May I pray for happiness for all.
May my thoughts be pure and non-violent.
May I love all.
May my heaven have all living beings.
May Peace be upon Everyone!
May we all discover the Prophet within!
One who follows intellect becomes fearless.
Sri Ramchandra is our role model
Sri Krishna is our role model
All wise sages are our role models
All noble people are our role models
Bharat Mata ki Jai!
I shall protect cows who help us so much!
I love my parents and will always care for them
I shall always follow the religion of truth and humanity
I shall always follow the Vedic Hindu Dharma
May truth always win!
May falsehood always perish!
May light of Vedas always guide us!
May we always follow the path of Supreme Lord Om
May we always make the entire world noble!


THE GAYATRI MANTRA (Yajur Veda 36:3)

O soul of life, the Holy King of kings!
O God of all the regions, high and low,
O Lord of joy, Whose Glory Nature sings,
Who shapes the earth and lets the mortals grow.

We seek Thy blessed Feet to meditate,
Upon Thy Glorious Form of Holy Light
Which drives away the gloom of sins we hate
And make the souls of righteous people bright.

My heart, O Father, meekly prays to Thee
To win Thy Grace, to make me good and wise,
And bless my mind with knowledge, full and free
From dark and vicious thoughts of sins and lies